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Gil Petersil
Global networking expert and business coach, guiding people to extraordinary success through strategic communication.
New Students
01 Mastering Networking
02 Public Speaking
03 Strategic Decision Making
04 Conscious Leadership
Greg Reid
A world-renowned speaker, filmmaker, and entrepreneur who is known for his ability to translate complicated situations into simple, digestible concepts.
New Students
01 The Art of Entrepreneurship
02 The Power of Personal Development
03 The Future of Work
Sean Rakidzich
A visionary leader in the short-term rental industry, automating his empire of 155 properties in 8 cities and proving that success goes beyond cash flow - it's about building a lasting, value-driven organization.
New Students
01 Maximizing Profits with Short-Term Rentals
02 Advanced Airbnb Hosting
03 Building a Scalable Short-Term Rental Business
Omar al Busaidy
Emirati entrepreneur, author, speaker, and public figure who is passionate about entrepreneurship, futurism, and leadership
New Students
01 Entrepreneurship in the Middle East
02 Leadership and Personal Development
03 Cultural Intelligence and Global Business
Bashar J. Katou
Leading coach for Amazon FBA teaching you how to start your own business.
New Students
01 Navigating Amazon FBA for Success
02 Advanced Strategies for Amazon FBA Sellers
03 Scaling Your Amazon FBA Business
How does Zeno work?
We transform education into a journey of continuous growth, enriched with special rewards. Our use of advanced technology ensures engaging experiences that not only educate, but also bring meaningful real-world benefits.
Unlock Limitless Knowledge
Explore courses taught by industry-leading professionals and experience continuous growth with each class
Complete Tasks
Maximize growth, conquer courses and tasks, excel in quizzes, and unlock higher levels of achievement with us.
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Learn and Earn
Turn knowledge into rewards and unleash your potential for exciting incentives
Redeem for real-world benefits
Experience the joy of luxury
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Harvard School
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Harvard School
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Harvard School
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Level Up Your Learning
Our unique Avatar gamification feature
transforms education into playful activities
Track Progress
Your Avatar mirrors your learning journey
Boost Motivation
Strive for the next Avatar level
Showcase Mastery
Your Avatar reflects your expertise.
Fun Learning
Experience education gamified with Avatars
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ZX operates with an extensive network across major cities like Dubai, Miami, Munich, Marbella.
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The team's vision and commitment to revolutionizing the learning experience is truly inspiring. I can't wait to get started.
Having closely followed Zeno's journey so far, it's evident their focus on integrating technology with education is a game-changer.
I love how Zeno is combining tech and education. The team is full of creative ideas, and I'm excited to see them in action.
Met the Zeno team at Tony Robbins' UPW event. Their passion and vision for transforming lives is truly inspiring. They're not just building a platform; they're creating a movement.
The upcoming Zeno platform has me excited! A fusion of technology and meaningful education? Count me in!
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Our partners
A Middle East focused Blockchain Ecosystem supported by the initiators of Crypto Valley Switzerland.
A high level connection and innovation agency with strategic capabilities that supports us in achieving our corporate and government outcomes.
A multichain wallet, enabling seamless access to the decentralized ecosystem for users, dApp developers, and enterprise
BrainAlive is a cutting edge tech firm that combines neuroscience and computer vision
A Web3 Incubator & that provides access to Mentors, Token Economics & Industry Connections.
Empowering entrepreneurs, leaders, and organizations to align business purpose with authenticity and foster partnerships and communities.
Frequently Asked
What is Zeno?
Zeno is a blockchain-powered learning platform that combines education and lifestyle rewards. We bring together a community of learners, rewarding them for their progress with exclusive experiences.
How can Zeno improve my learning experience?
Zeno utilizes AI-powered learning to provide a personalized and adaptive learning path tailored to your needs. It also integrates cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, VR, and AR to create immersive and engaging educational experiences.
How does the "Learn-to-Earn" feature work?
Progress through your learning journey on Zeno and earn reward points and $ZENO tokens. Redeem them for exclusive content, events, and partner programs!
Who provides the content on Zeno?
Zeno collaborates with renowned speakers and top-tier instructors to deliver high-quality content. Through interactive content production, you'll have access to expert knowledge and engaging educational materials.
How is my progress tracked on Zeno?
Zeno utilizes a blend of metrics to track your learning activities and measure your progress. As you successfully complete lessons, quizzes, and assessments, you earn XP and advance to higher levels. With each level up, you receive RP, which can be exchanged for exciting rewards from our partner, ZX.
What is Zeno's Vision?
Creating captivating experiences to transform lives.
What is Zeno's Mission?
By motivating people to change through knowledge and experience, because then the whole world can change.
What are the values and characteristics of Zeno?
Exellence, Integrety, Velocity, Loyalty, Responsibility, Fun, Innovation, Transparency
What is Zeno's claim?
Zeno revolutionizes the education system and makes personalized learning accessible to people worldwide. To do this, Zeno creates a platform with the best elements of education, lifestyle, and technology to unfold people's full potential.
What does Zeno promise?
Unleashing potential through reward-based learning.
What is Zeno's path?
Zeno uniquely motivates learners by linking education with exclusive rewards. Our platform promotes continuous learning with cutting-edge technology that delivers captivating experiences and tangible benefits